You may feel that God has taken you out of the game, put you on the sideline, benched you and forgot all about you. I want to take this moment to talk to you about “Sidelined for a Season”.

There are seasons in our lives where God does just that. He takes us from what we would consider to be a fruitful place in our lives and puts us on the bench. It’s not because you’ve done anything wrong. It’s not because you weren’t faithful with where you were at. On the contrary, God is preparing you for something greater. God is preparing the people, the place, the position, and the promotion that he has for your life in order to have a greater influence and to make a greater impact in the lives of others.
Consider Moses who was sidelined for forty years herding sheep in the desert because Moses needed to learn the survival skills of leading God’s sheep, the Israelites in the desert. Consider Joseph who was taken from his family and country, sidelined in prison for years before becoming the governor of Egypt for the saving of many lives. Consider Paul who sidelined in prison, to write two thirds of the New Testament. All of these men God used immensely during and following a season of being sidelined and maybe even feeling useless at the time.
Understand that it is God who puts us in that place. Let me remind you that it was the Holy Spirit that led Jesus into the desert for forty days.
Embrace this season in your life because God is using you, preparing you and will be releasing you for greater things that are yet to come. I know because that is right where I am as well.