More To Life Message

(Excerpt from my book, “More To This Life”)

People are always searching for more. No matter what your position or status in life, there is still something inside of you that yearns for more. More love in your relationships, more peace in your heart and home, more joy in your life, more money in your bank account or retirement fund, more intimacy in your marriage, more of God’s grace and favor in your life, more time off of work, more time spent doing the things you love to do, more of the things that add to your life – whatever that represents for you. There is a danger, however, in not finding contentment with what we have or where we are at in life. There are those pursuits in life that we think will bring us greater fulfillment or happiness, but in reality leave us empty inside. There is still, however, “more” that God has for each of us that we have yet to experience in this life. What that “more” consists of can be similar as well as very different from person to person. We could all use more of God’s grace and power, for example, but what God is calling me to will be different than his call on your life. We each have different needs that only God can meet as well.

When I look at the lives of the Israelites and the land God had promised his people, I see that God had so much more for them than what they were living. They went from living in a land of bondage to wandering in the desert, but God had a place of abundance for them that they had yet to experience represented in a “land flowing with milk and honey”. In the same way, Jesus has so much more for us that we have yet to experience. After all, Jesus came to give us an abundant and full life (Jn 10:10).

God has a plan for your life. His plan involves much more than what you now experience. He wants you to have the full and abundant life found in Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Giver of life. Life without him is empty, void, and meaningless. Life without him is no life at all. Only he can bring you true and lasting fulfillment. Only he can give you life – abundant and eternal.

My goal is to reach 5 million people with the More To Life message in the next 5 years (year end 2026) through this site, my book, speaking engagements and our weekly ministry. This message is more than just what is mentioned here. But it does begin and end in a relationship with Jesus Christ. You can be an instrumental part of getting that message out by sharing this site with others, so that they can experience more to life in Christ for themselves.