Setback for a Comeback

There was a statement that I read some time ago that said, “Every setback is a setup for a comeback”. I like that because I have had one setback after another over the past several years of my life in ministry. I believe that every one of those setbacks has been a setup for a comeback. Just as God has a comeback in store for my life in ministry and that comeback has been underway, so He also has a comeback in store for you.

Consider Joseph who had one setback after another before God promoted him to be governor of Egypt. He was sold into slavery by his own brothers. He was thrown into prison on a false accusation. He had high hopes of getting out of prison when the the cup bearer to Pharoah was restored to his position, only to see those hopes crushed for another two years of jail time. When just the right time came, his comeback was greater than he could have imagined. After all those years, there may had been times when he had given up on the dreams God had placed in his heart. Yet, God fulfilled Josephs dreams because they were placed in his heart by God himself.

Think about Job. He lost his children, his possessions, his health and even his wife’s support. He had one setback after another in a very short period of time. But God had a comeback planned for Job and gave him twice as much as was taken from him by the enemy, Satan himself.

You may have had one setback after another over the past months or years of your life. You can be sure that God has a comeback planned for you. Every setback is a setup for a comeback that is bigger than you, bigger than you have imagined. Get ready, your comeback is on the horizon. Your comeback is on its way!

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